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Ouroborus cataphractus’ Key diet program is made of termites, that makes the lizard vulnerable to environmental alterations that have an impact on the termites like weather conditions and wildfires.

When you are bringing in rocks from all around your home, be sure They may be sterile. Scrub them carefully by using a purely natural soap and wire-bristled brush.

Your Armadillo Lizard will require a shallow, weighty water dish for ingesting. Alter the water every day. The dish should be no more than an inch deep. Any further and also your Armadillo Lizard must function tougher to secure a drink – and a small Armadillo Lizard may well drop in and drown!

They are fantastic pets for newbies simply because they are hardy and very easy to care for. Even so, this lizard is mostly located in skilled keepers’ properties as it is uncommon and high priced.

Amphibians are generally slower-shifting, and also have uniquely moist pores and skin which suggests They can be in no way considerably from a source of h2o. Their lifestyle cycle is nothing wanting outstanding: they hatch in water, spend weeks or months in metamorphosis, then come to be both terrestrial or continue being mainly h2o sure.

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Reptile carpet helps make a fantastic lizard substrate. You'll be able to Reduce two carpets to suit your enclosure. When the main is filthy, choose it out and substitute it with the 2nd.

When saved in captivity you'll want to feed an Armadillo crickets. Crickets really should be gut loaded and dusted by using a calcium supplement. They are often wild-caught or requested from a business pet retail store.

Ladies usually give start to one relatively large young each year. Within the harshly seasonal climate of karroo veld, meals is difficult to uncover in the course of the incredibly hot, dry time, Hence ladies must be capable to replenish Fats reserves and provision the embryo's yolk through the limited damp season in Wintertime and spring. Cordylus cataphractus does look in order to replenish its Electricity reserves quickly.

from what im reading through they shouldnt even be sold individually. they like teams. and dont like currently being managed. so buying Just one and wanting to compensate for it being the sole a person by dealing with it will likely not perform. and they may have 1 little one at a time…!!

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I concur Together with the conditions and terms The wholesale order minimal is three hundred$. You should add much more objects towards your cart.

The armadillo girdled lizard is really a carnivore. check here Most of their food plan is produced up of insects and spiders. Little amounts of plant product may very well be ingested once in a while.

They shelter in rock crevices. Lifestyle Record These relatively sluggish-going lizards are really shy and rapid to hide when approached. They have been thought to be only sit-and-wait feeders, but reports have shown that the majority of of their tummy contents include termites. These termite mounds are often considerably from their crevices, and they have to as a result move distances of amongst 4–20 m to search out this meals supply. These lizards are strict rock-dwellers and reside in horizontal crevices. These are social animals and form relatives groups of nearly 60 folks in one crevice. Yearly in autumn, the feminine gives beginning to 1 reasonably significant infant. DISTRIBUTION Armadillo lizards are endemic to the mountains and rocky hills in the Succulent Karoo area of western South Africa with the Orange River southwards to north of Porterville and eastwards to west of Laingsburg. THREATS

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